Virtual Reality: Future of Education

There is no denying that Virtual Reality is making immense, progressive changes in many fields today. In the last decade, virtual reality has rose to prominence in the #gaming and #entertainment industries. Mostly popular to kids, the VR headsets are always one of the biggest #trends each year. If kids are heavily engaged in this kind of #technology when it comes to fun, then it is absolutely a must-look for parents and educators alike, to utilize this platform for #learning.

What is Virtual Reality?
Sometimes referred to as 'immersive multimedia,' as well as 'virtual environment (VE)' or 'computer-simulated life', Virtual Reality (VR) enables you to think that you are at a different place or even in a different world. #VR can help create or recreate an environment based on actual reality or from the creator's #imagination.

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Virtual Reality in the Classroom
#VirtualReality in many ways, is transforming #education. Its immersive nature brings #educational content to its full power, making it an exemplary #tool for students to stimulate their inquisitiveness and develop an even greater zeal for learning.

  • RETENTION Research suggests that #visualization and a VR environment strengthen the connection between a student and a concept, heightening retention.

  • ENGAGEMENT It is about participating in the learning process, having actual/virtual experiences, and enjoying the process, which heightens #engagement.

  • DISTRACTION-FREE When students are inside a virtual environment, they are far less prone to distractions such as other students, phones, and so on. d enjoying the process, which heightens engagement.


What Tebyan Does
#Tebyan strongly believes that education is the tool in shaping the future of the next #generation who will be leaders, innovators and influencers in the world. It is our mission to provide the best solutions to help parents, #educators, and #institutions find and utilize effective and potent learning tools. Thus, we endeavor to make these solutions accessible, and provide relative #trainings and necessary support. Curating an ever-growing immersive content library (currently 650+ modules), we work to engage students with concepts, closing the gap between knowledge and understanding. We also see great value in empowering teachers, by providing meaningful feedback and analytics.

Discover more of our efforts to bring the best of Veative Virtual Reality in the classroom. ​

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