What is MODI?

MODI is a compound word made from Korean word "madi" and the English word "module" and is an interactive smart block created for software educational purposes combining the different function of electronic devices in modular form. Just as you connect each word to create a sentence, anyone can easily form a creation of their own be connecting different MODI modules

MODI Modules Introduction​

MODI consist of 3 module parts: Input, Output, and Setup. The input module transfers values while the output modules operate according to the transferred values. The setup modules help MODI operate. Listen, speak, read and write like so, MODI consisted of the basic principles of Physical computing through which you will be able to train your logical computing thinking skills naturally.

Output Modules








Input Modules​




   Motor Controller

   Motor (MDP-14)

Setup Modules



MODI Studio

MODI Studio is a coding program that will turn MODi into a creation of your own.  Written in Graphical User Interface(GUI) that is easy to understand by anyone even without knowledge of coding can comfortably use the program. it also can transfer GUI to CUI based on C++, helping the user to improve their understanding of the structure of the C language, initiate a conversation with MODI via the MODI Studio, You will be able to make your own Creation

is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear coding is just a black computer screen filled with rows and rows of complicated letters, MODI is the easiest coding program in the world where you can simply drag and drop to write a code designed with a UI that is easy to understand, you can start coding without being hesitant about programming

Drag and Drop


Does it look easy to create a complex high level code? MODI Studio is designed to be easy for everyone to code, yet is also a powerful coding tool that you can use yo code anything. It can convert GUI to CUI base on C++ which is useful in helping to better understand the C Language